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Cumaru Raiz.
The authenticity and strength of its origin.

The Cumaru tree is majestic and known by the Tupi legend as the tree of wishes. But it is in its root that lives the origin of this story. The root holds the force which can’t be seen from outside. It grows and seeks its way into the earth, breaks limits and skirts obstacles.

It was inspired by the path of the root that Pharus has sought in artistic experimentation to portray that powerful masculine fragrance. Inspired by the beauty and truth of the material, we have created brushes made of roots, branches, leaves. We have watched the projected shadow, studied artists and all the representations of roots found in nature: from the contours of rivers to the form of rays.

From the experimentation which took place at Studio Pharus, we have created our own references and from them, it has resulted in the design of Cumaru Raiz packages. The root that runs, branches and deepens.