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Patricia Bonaldi.
The infinite in every detail.

Patricia Bonaldi: the stylist from the state of Minas Gerais, who won the world with her handmade creations. Pharus closely got to know the story of the brand which is all about embroidery and lace as well as time and passion. The passion for what one does, reflected in every detail of her work.

The visual identity, inspired by the reflections of crystals, praises the beauty of the stones. The tulle, the base fabric to receive the embroidery, was represented by the nude color palette. At the core of our “light concept”, the dress which becomes a prism, which enhances the inner light of each woman.

In a contemporary and true way, we have repositioned the brand with a direct communication to the public, being consequently able to reflect all the delicacy and femininity of  Patricia Bonaldi’s work.