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YAS Natural Soda

Natural & fun

Coca-Cola has launched in Brazil its first natural soda with global potential and invited us to build along with them a story of innovation, fueled by the era of change and awareness that we live in. From strategy to point of sale, creative premises were defined, as well as the naming, branding, labels, point-of-sale items and a simple and flexible visual identity system, defining the visual codes of this new category.

The brand, the graphics and all the visual identity were drawn by hand. Its name is the most vibrant, fun, and enthusiastic way to say yes. For those who lead their lives in a good mood, a simple yes is not enough. In addition, translating the irreverence of the brand, the name is a palindrome and brings in it a call to action: SAY YAS for the natural. A brand that synthesizes the intrinsic and extrinsic attributes of the product expressively, lightly and energetically. A simple yet proprietary identity which evokes positive attitude and the bright side of life.


Naming, identity, packaging and POS for
Coca-Cola’s natural soda

Escopo de trabalho

Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
POS experience