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Emiliano Spa.
Sophistication in the Brazilian way.

Hotel Emiliano’s SPA brand, santapele, has sought us to redesign their line of amenities. The goal was to rescue the brand values, bringing to the visual identity everything that is most special and unique in both the product proposal and the experience which santapele provides to its customers.

To sink in that universe, Pharus team has spent a weekend in the hotel and had a “scape” morning in the SPA. We have also been to the main SPAs in São Paulo and from the perceptions those visits have brought us, we came to realize the differences santapele has got and how we could translate them in the products design.

Our greatest insight was that the leading of the brand  are the cosmetics made with natural selected ingredients, essentially Brazilian. We also understood that the brand beauty is written in the SPA’s urban refugee experience, marked by the excellent attendance and by the unique proposal.

The result is a combination between simple and sophisticated, delicate and essential. We have created a proprietary graphics which highlights the properties of each ingredient and we have made small adjustments to the logo, revealing the lightness and elegance of santapele’s products.