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Crystal Sparkling.
Life with flavor.

With just a touch of flavor, water brand Crystal opens a new category and takes away the stigma that water is always bland and boring. Along with Coca-Cola and drinking from its design principles, we have created the name, shape, visual identity system, key visuals and labels that now emerge in Brazilian markets.

Through the process, the discovery of flavors with experts, the investigation of brands through the taste and diving into the visual universe, extracting insights and testing possibilities. Drawings, collages, photographic experiments, interventions in the city and in packaging have given rise to the form which imbibes identity.

From that dot, Crystal Sparkling builds its expression. Its identity explores the circle on several scales, in a bold and simple form. Through that, it presents its flavors. And through its repetition, it gives rhythm to the Sparkling feature it takes in the name.