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A new look at luxury jewelry.

Hueb, an international luxury jewelry brand, invited Pharus and Index, a consulting firm for brand communication, to create the concept of its global campaign that would emotionally connect women of different ages and cultures. The feminine desire to feel beautiful is timeless and goes through generations. Daughters watch their mothers do makeup and than repeat it; friends who meet up before going out to get dressed together or going to the bathroom for endless retouches. Hueb is part of those moments.

To bring to life our concept of “The Jewelry Club”, photographer Gustavo Zylbersztajn was responsible for the lifestyle campaign shots, together with Daniel Ueda who did the styling. The still life campaign shot by Alex Libotte was inspired by the modernist shapes of Brazilian architecture, styled and produced by Greta Cuneo.

The launch of the new Hueb campaign took place in Dubai, São Paulo and New York.