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Apartamento 03.
Fabric is a blank canvas.

Apartmento 03 is the brand of stylist Luiz Claudio, a Brazilian from the state of Minas Gerais. The process of deconstructing fabric, so that it is reinterpreted, is what makes his work recognized. His brand did not use to have a visual differentiation showcasing the strong personality of his work, so we faced the challenge.

We did experimental workshops for which we took inspiration in the stylists creative process, extracting forms and ideas from his method of deconstruction and reconstruction of fabric and clothing. We then realized that for Luiz Claudio, the fabric is a blank canvas. Thus, the brand becomes a canvas and the clothing a unique work of art in each piece of communication.

As a result, we were able to capture the essence of the stylist’s work and reproduce it in the identity as an artistic connotation, creating the idea that each piece produced by AP03 is a work of art.